Iconic "Tower Bridge", not to be confused with the much smaller London Bridge, crosses the River Thames.  It took 8 years and 432 construction works to complete the bridge for opening day, June 30, 1894.

BFF's-Jet-lag and Melatonin

Believe it or not...I am not a good flyer.  I'm usually that girl fanning herself with the "doggie bag" every time we hit turbulence but that has never stopped me from my dreams of travelling.   I had a terrible flight to London, England...a very long 9 hours in the air.  By the time we landed, I was green and ready to check-in at the hotel and SLEEP.  Sleep, however, was not a possibility because I like to get busy exploring new cities without hesitation.  I was so eager about this trip that I booked a flight on The London Eye for only hours after I had landed.  Plus, a tour of the London Dungeons before dinner and drinks.  (Did I mention that I am ambitious?)

As I am walking to my destination, holding hands with my husband who is chatting up a storm while my head swirls, jet-lag is starting to take its' hold.  By the time we have our tickets processed, I am already seeking the bathroom for a little "private time with the toilet".  The London Eye was an amazing experience but too bad all I could think of was that it was stuffy and hot in that bullet and I needed to throw up.  (I managed to contain myself for the whole half hour ride).  On to the London Dungeons...again, this appeared to be another challenge because certain areas within the dungeons smelled like urine.  Not a great combination with an upset stomach. (My husband comments that "I was a trooper that day").  

We both need to get cleaned up after a long day of travelling and sight-seeing so we headed back to the hotel.  And then I remembered...I had packed Melatonin; a hormone made by the pineal gland in your brain.  It aids in controlling your sleep and wake cycles.  I needed this...bad.  But I still had to make it through dinner.  We found a quaint pub just up the street and had a quick dinner before I knocked back two pills and found myself floating in la-la-land.  

Although, there is a trick to using melatonin when you have jet-lag.  Jump right into that particular countries time zone and try to muster through the day until your regular bedtime (unless you are arriving into a country at night), then take the melatonin so that you have a very restful sleep.  You will awaken refreshed and ready to start your adventure somewhere unfamiliar but better adapted to their time zone.