Hurghada, Egypt

About Hurghada

Over the last ten years the citizens of Hurghada have seen amazing developments. From the desert sand, a town with more than 200 hotels has risen. Shopping promenades are booming and the nightlife is vibrant. With ever growing numbers of tourists and a perfect climate, this Red Sea Riviera has no off season. Hurghada is a special community. Local habits and cultures run next to resort lifestyle and behavior.

But the biggest beauty of Hurghada starts where the sand ends and the coast begins. The blue waters of the Red Sea will keep you dreaming of all the reasons to stay and/or return. If it takes place in or on the water you can do it here. Windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, but above all, snorkeling and diving. The unique underwater gardens offshore are some of the finest in the world. The warm waters here are ideal for many varieties of rare fish and coral reefs. Not into getting into the water? You can observe fish and coral reefs through glass bottom boats.

Tourism in Hurghada

The first hotel built in the region was Sheraton hotel on Felfela road. The main development period in tourism industry started in the 1990s. And is still under process. The total number of hotels has reached 200. Including modest 2 stars accommodations to huge luxury properties.

The number of tourist arriving to the Red Sea each year has reached almost 2 million. The busiest season is from September till November and March till May. Hurghada is the biggest resort town on the Red Sea. And cheaper than the main competitor Sharm el Sheikh on Sinai.

People of Hurghada

The official population of Hurghada is more than 180 000. Hiring is mainly in the tourism sector. But also in industries like mining, fishing, construction. Many foreigners who have visited Hurghada over the past years have never left. They work in dive shops, as guides, and in real estate. And the nightlife business has grown since its' development by a remarkable community. Russians, Germans, Eastern Europeans, and British. A part of the population growth also comes from women who have married local men. And are now raising the new multicultural generations of the city.

The city of Hurghada's divided into three areas- Sheraton Road, El Dahar and the Promenade.

Sheraton Road (El Sakala)

Sheraton road or El Sakala center is the main tourist street in town. It is the busiest street in town. It has many bazaars, coffee shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants and night clubs. You will find many hotels on the sea side of Sakala. Across the street, apartments for locals and foreigners living there. Sakala square is at one end of the main street. There you will find many fish restaurants and local eateries. El Arousa square at the other end has a mermaid standing in the middle of the road. The sea side of the street will lead you to Hurghada Marina, open in 2008. It's the city's new promenade by the marina. It has luxury yachts and apartments surrounded by old fisherman households. You will find many shops including high end street brands. Fabulous bars, fine dining restaurants, and nightclubs. It's a nice walking area for warm summer nights.

The Promenade (Village Road)

The second famous touristic area is Village road (El Memsha in Arabic). More than 5 km long, the promenade is a wide and clean walking area. 4 stars hotels sit beside famous nightclubs, restaurants with international cuisine. There are shopping centers and an uncountable number of shops. Village road is more peaceful and there is less harassment from the shop owners to visit and buy. It reflects much less local culture and lifestyle than any other parts of the town. Hot spots include Esplanada Mall, a duty-free shop, Little Buddha nightclub and Hard Rock café.

El Dahar

El Dahar is home for most of the locals living in the area. As well as, hotels, city council, aquarium, library, large mosques and food markets. Not a traditional tourist area, although the area is safe. So, sneak around and discover the other face of Hurghada. If interested in shopping, El Dahar offers streets full of bazaars and good bargains.

Interesting Tidbit: Egypt is  the cheapest country to live in. Consumer prices plus rent are 73.02% lower in Egypt than in Canada.