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While visiting Egypt, I was asked on several occasions why Canadians don't visit more. I gave the same old excuses about security issues and it's a long way to travel.

But why aren't Canadian's visiting Egypt? 

Please send your thoughts and comments on this issue as I will be exploring it in more detail. 

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 About the Writer

Donna Cederstrand is a member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Association who has travelled to 24 countries and visited countless villages, towns and cities.  She has a love of old architecture (particularly churches, museums, farmhouses and barns),  trying new things (whether it be eating new exotic foods like a crocodile or swimming in dark caves filled with pools of fresh water) and having experiences that transverse into timeless memories.  Her travels always include minor mishaps and misadventures that generate great laughter.   Donna Cederstrand is the co-author of a series of children's fantasy novels (available on and has many published articles and upcoming fiction e-books.  Donna has also been accepted as the first contracted writer for penning personalized children's books with, and will be the "voice" of Manhattan Mikey, a children's series coming soon.

Travelling may take you away from your comfort zone but try to stay open to the possibilities because you never know when adventure and fun will strike.

History of High-Heels and Suitcases

I don't travel light.   I'm not the kind of gal to live out of a backpack while on vacation. Proof ... a one month European vacation (travelling mostly via rental car and the occasional train and a bus ride) and I pack four (yes, 4!) suitcases of varying sizes (one weighing a whopping 77 lbs. due to transporting my wedding dress) and only one of those belonged to my husband.  If you have ever stayed in hotels, bed and breakfasts or hostels in cities like London, Paris, or Amsterdam, you can agree that some older establishments do not have elevators.  Therefore, you are required to lug your suitcases up several flights of stairs (usually spiral and our room they always located our room on the top floor).  You can imagine the colorful language that spewed from my poor husband's lips as he made several trips to deliver my load "of necessities".  Oh, and the shoes!  I believe that a girl has to be prepared for any situation while travelling.  You'll need footwear for everyday (especially something comfortable like flats if you plan on exploring cities by foot), high-heels for dinners, events or concerts, running shoes for hiking, sandals for beach days...the list is endless .  When travelling to Costa Rica for a one-week stay, I packed 11 pairs of shoes (all of which I wore except one).  I am also notorious for wearing kitten-heels at the most inappropriate times like climbing Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula.  (And I have testimonials to prove it!)  With a trip to Las Vegas now behind me, the planning for a family winter vacation begins...think fun in the sun.  I can again daydream about the next mishaps and misadventures as I continue to travel the globe.

Welcome, to High-Heels and Suitcases!

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High-Heels and Suitcases